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Custom Wood Soap Mold


The wood molds I have used for years are finally available for you to purchase.

All wood molds are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the orders that contain molds to ship.


After much request my husband (Eric) has decided to sell the wooden soap molds he makes for me. The sides are made out of pine and are super durable. I have used these molds for years and I just love them. They are all one piece. I line them with freezer paper and I even have a how to video on how I line them very easily.

We have several sizes now available. Tall skinny, standard, double mold and slab.

Tall Skinny:
5lb: 16×2.5×3.5 (Use approx. 55oz oils)
2lb: 8×2.5×3.5 (Use approx. 28oz oils)
1lb: 4×2.5×3.5 (Use approx. 14oz oils)

5lb: 16×3.5×3.5 (Use approx. 55oz oils)
2lb: 8×3.5×3.5 (Use approx. 28oz oils)
1lb: 4×3.5×3.5 (Use approx. 14oz oils)

Standard Double:
10lb: 16x7x3.5 (Use approx. 110oz oils)

Tall Skinny Double:
10lb: 16x5x3.5 (Use approx. 110oz oils)

Standard Slab:
18lb: 16×11.5×3.5 (Use approx. 181oz oils, 3 loaves)

Tall Skinny Slab:
23.75lb: 16x11x3.5 (Use approx. 246oz oils, 4 loaves)

The slab molds are designed to have a 1″ edge piece once cut for samples or extra bars depending on how thick you cut your soaps.
The tall skinny molds will be filled to the top of the mold with no extra space. The standard molds will have extra space.

Weight N/A

Tall Skinny 1lb, Tall Skinny 2lb, Tall Skinny 5lb, Standard 1lb, Standard 2lb, Standard 5lb, Standard Double 10lb, Standard Slab, Tall Skinny Slab, Tall Skinny Double 10lb


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