Cold Process Soap Making Class
Soap Making Class (Cold Process)
November 16, 2017
Class Combo Candle Making University Plus Soap Making Class
Class Combo! Candle Making University plus Soap Making Class
November 19, 2017
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Soap Making Starter Kit


The perfect starter kit for any soap maker.

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Included in this kit:
(1) 2lb Silicon Mold
(1) 2lb Sodium Hydroxide
(1) 1lb Coconut Oil
(1) 1lb Cocoa Butter Refined & Deodorized
(1) 1lb Shea Butter Natural
(1) 1lb Rice Bran Oil
(1) 1lb Water Titanium Dioxide
(1) 16oz empty TD bottle
Mica starter set: (1oz each) Red Raspberry Mica, Orange Color, Green Apple Mica, Blue Skies Mica, Magic Purple Mica, Goldenrod Mica.
(1) Spatula set, 1 Large & 1 small spatula
(1) 1lb Sodium Lactate

*Other items you may need that are not included in the kid if you are just starting out are:
Lye safe pitchers
Thermometer (optional)
Wood Mold (optional)

Weight 11 lbs