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Slab Cutter, Soap Cutter


It's finally here! BeScented's Slab Soap Cutter! The perfect cutter to go with our double and slab molds.

These cutters are made to order. This is a cutter that is handcrafted. Please allow 3 weeks processing time when ordering. Also note that this item may ship alone depending on what you order.

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This high quality cutter is made using solid pine wood. It is 16″ long. The space between the wire is 5″ so you can easily cut very tall loaves. The cutter comes with steps that will allow you to adjust how wide you cut your loaves, ranging in size from 3.5″ to 2.5″ with quarter inch increments. I have attached a photo to show the different heights. The cutter will come set up at the 3.5″ height.

This slab cutter was designed to go along with our Double mold and slab molds cutting them at 3.5″ to get 2 (double mold) and 3 loaves (slab) of soap. When cutting your loaves with the slab mold it was made to yield 3 3.5″ wide x 16″ long loaves of soap with a 1″ end piece you can use for samples or cut into bars as well.

The slab cutter comes with a foot on the bottom so you can rest it against your countertop to prevent it from moving while you are using it. It will also have rubber pads on the bottom so you do not scratch your work surface. All our molds and cutter is hand sanded to a super smooth finish.

The wire used is a .022 gauge wire. It will come with 1 wire already in place for you and a replacement wire in the event you break a wire.

**Please note the wire does not need to be overly tightened to cut your slab. We have a youtube video showcasing this cutter and how tight to tighten the wire. Also remember to ALWAYS loosen your wire after you are done using it.

Cleaning your cutter: You can use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Do not overly saturate the wood as it can cause warping and prevent your cutter from performing properly.


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