Germall Plus Liquid
Preservative – Water Soluble PF (Formerly known as Germall Plus Liquid)
April 1, 2015
1lb Mini Square Mold
1lb Mini Square Mold
April 2, 2015
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Shrink Wrap Bags


Each bag measures 4 x 6. Flat bag that is easy to heat seal. Shrinks up to 40% of original size.

Qty: 100 bags

In stock


These bags will shrink up to 40% of their size. Great for packaging soaps and other body care products.

Weight .1 lbs

1 review for "Shrink Wrap Bags"

  1. (verified owner):

    I have bought shrink wrap from everywhere it seems, and this shrink wrap is by far the best. It is thicker in comparison, and I do not burn holes in it with my heat gun.

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