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March 24, 2015
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March 24, 2015
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Red Rose Mica (NOT RED)


This is NOT our original Red Rose Mica. This will give you a deep pink in cold process soap. NOT RED!

All our colorants come with a jar.

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Due to a change of formula from the supplier this round of red rose mica was not the red we are all used to. After testing I achieved a deep pink color in cold process soap. We are currently looking for a replacement of our true red color. But if you are needing a beautiful deep pink color this mica is for you!

INCI: Mica, Iron oxide, Red 28

Soap Stable

Weight .15 lbs

1oz, 2oz


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    Excellent red mica! I’ve had no issues whatsoever and will be buying next time it’s in stock. (If I can get it before everyone else does!)

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    Produces a nice shimmery deep rose pink in cold process soap. I really like it!

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