princess pink glitter
Princess Pink Glitter
June 1, 2017
Blue By Chanel Type
Bleu (M) by Chanel * Fragrance Oil
July 11, 2017
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Powder Sprayer (Glitter & Mica)


One set includes one bottle and one powder spray top. Mica not included. Fill this bottle with dry powders, glitter and mica to spray onto soap or bath fizzies. Powder disperses in a stream when filled and pumped well.

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Height: 4.5″
Length: 1.5″
Diameter: 1.25″

Why People Use This Product:
To spray mica powder and other powder colorants on bath bombs or on soap.

Popular Products That Use This Packaging:
Body powders, dry shampoo and foot powder.

Fill bottle with powder. Screw top onto bottle. Twist nozzle and point nozzle towards product. Spray to disperse powder. Powder will become very airborne. We recommend protecting surfaces and wearing a face mask.