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March 30, 2015
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April 1, 2015
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Mini Glitter Funnel


The perfect mini funnel for all those small tasks.

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These little funnels are perfect for when you need to add your glitter into our puffer bottles . Be sure to grab a few of those. Makes all the difference when adding glitter to your soaps.

Weight .1 lbs


  1. :

    Amazing little gadget to have in your collection!! No more glittery messes!! Yay!

  2. (verified owner):

    This funnel is too small. The glitter kept clogging up and the hole is too small for even a tooth pick to push it through. I use the little puff bottles to apply my glitter. I find that using a a small kitchen funnel works much better. The cheap plastic kitchen funnels can be found at most grocery stores, WalMarts…

    • :

      Sorry you didnt find the funnel helpful. Did you use it with our glitters? We offered this with our glitters that are super fine. We have never had trouble with the funnel clogging while filling the puffer bottles.

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