Jelly soap kit
Jelly Soap Making Kit (Supplies Only, No Recipe)
January 19, 2019
Jelly soap recipe kit
Jelly Soap Making Kit (Supplies & Recipe)
January 23, 2019
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Carrageenan 2oz


A great gelling agent used for soap

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Iota Carrageenan is used throughout the food industry for it’s gelling, thickening & stabilizing capabilities. Carrageenan is a vegan alternative to gelatin and may be used to replace it in confectioneries. Iota carrageenan forms soft gels in the presence of calcium ions. The amount of Iota Carrageenan needed to reach jellification varies depending upon the specific results desired so please refer to your recipe for your specific needs. Carrageenan is prepared by adding it to the liquid you intend to gel & heating the mixture above 160 ° F (up to a boil if needed) Iota Carrageenan is a 100% Natural, Gluten Free Food


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